History of GTfusiOn

2008-2010 GT5 Prologue

2008 Creation

First Logo made by Ano

The GTfusion was created on Gran Turismo Prologue results from the meeting in online lounge between Ricfight and Tuesday. Ricfight and Tuesday launch the first Inter-Team Online Nations Championship.

Ricfight_GTPT won

2009  first online championship

Inferno of the Team GTracing enters the staff and takes the lead of the organization.

In 2009 there are already several teams of different nationalities: GT5rs, GT-Club, GTplay for France, GTPT for Portugal, BTH for Hungary and PureGT for Northern Europe.

GT5rs_Apo won and GT5rs was Champion 2009

First final results annoucement

2010 consolidation

In 2010 still on GT5p without private servers! Mcbly, Gismo and Swe1 (Current Goofy) integrate the staff and help to professionalize the organization.

This period on GT5 prologue will be the foundation of the whole philosophy of the GTfusion and the current regulation. To drive on public servers, without the possibility to set up races, without chat, without qualifications, without wear … would be unimaginable today but was generator of Progress.

Time to connect and launch race at right time

Public event with time to start the race, if you was lucky you found opponent


The rules of keeping the 3 best results on 4 races and minimum 4 pilots on arrival come from this time.

GT5rs_Toro won and Team GT5rs was champion for 2nd time in 2010

2011-2013 Gran Turismo 5

2011 professionalization and partnerships


With the arrival of Gran Turismo 5 we finally have the opportunity to set up lounges, qualifiers and almost private servers.

JM16V, XVI, Donco reinforce the staff. Mouse91 was lounge responsive

8 races are scheduled but only 7 will take place because the servers of Sony will be hacked.

The GTfusion is of interest to more and more Partners. The first will be Dunlop and soon Thrustmaster who just launched his T500rs.

The 2011 season will see the best races summarized and broadcast on Youtube. thanks to the excellent Nanaki.

The GTfusion is finally on social networks: Facebook, youtube, twitter …

The GTfusion brand is registered

GT5rs_Apo won is 2nd title and GT5rs Team won the Championship 2011

2012 the year of transition

New logo since 2012

We are returning to a format of 6 races per year.

Kev21gt5 integrates the staff. Thanks to XVI the GTfusion becomes the first to broadcast “Live” races GT5 on Twitch.

PureGT Team won the Championship and Sskila from GTracing is Champion 2012

2013 intense activity

In addition to the championship several special events are organized: Nascar with the 500 miles, 24 hours of the Nurb in GTR, Qualification Karting SWS. IRL events are also organized: Final Sodi World Series Karting with GTfusion drivers, 24H Eupener Karting with a GTfusion team.

Margouia.com becomes our partner.

For the first time a simracing race is broadcast on French television: Round 4-5-6 of GTfusion.

GTfusion Gran Turismo on Game One TV

A Latin American Orange team joins us for the first time under the name of Evolution Latina and will become ORMA.

PureGT Team won the championship for 2nd time and Sskila won is 2nd title .

2014 – 2017 Gran Turismo 6

2014 the year of all records

There will be 12 groups in the first race! The GTNF team with the multi-world champion Ti-Tech85 joins us.

This team will win all and every round! never seen !

We will organize for our partners the Thrustmaster Challenge which will also be won by Ti-Tech85.

Drivers for Final of The Thrustmaster Challenge

But for the first time a Chilean will win a Group A race … it will be a signal.

Team GTNF and Ti-Tech85 won the Championship 2014

2015 the turning point

For the first time the league title leaves Europe for South America. A South American team postpones its first title. The ORMA are here!

The non-profit association law 1901 GTfusion is filed and registered.

Kevin (Kev21gt5) take the lead and become the operational manager of the organisation.

Tadaoki join us and supports streaming and broadcast management.

XVI introduce ELO ranking in GTfusion

ORMA Team and ORMA_Perro from Chile won the Championship 2015

2016 continuity

In 2016 the GTfusion staff intensifies its demonstration activities in IRL with the Gamer Assembly, Drivers Arena, Cap Arena ….

Benny joins the staff and will be in charge of the development of the races regulations.

The TRL Team will even be the appearance with led by his multi World record men Immortal.

In the Championship a Chilean replaces another, the student exceeds the master .

ORMA_Snow Nicolas Rubilar is the Champion 2016 and ORMA team confirms his domination.

2017 GTSport waiting on PS4

The presence of Hispanic teams intensifies with GTH, LSR and TSA

The last round will be held in parallel on GT6 and GT Sport.

Safety Car Made by Léo Corio for Final 2017

ORMA Team won their 3rd title and a Spanish Xife10 from GTH will be crowned Champion 2017

2018 – 2021 Gran Turismo Sport

2018 A sporting year

With the arrival of GT Sport, new teams arrive. Former pilots come back, the teams are getting stronger.

New staff take the lead with Benny as president and Goyo vice president. The video and multimedia are gaining momentum all led perfectly by Tadaoki.

Tadaoki , EPRacing TV (Faltek), Benjixmotors, KriunX, TSA TV streamed up to 9 groups per round !

In terms of organization, the departure of the old staff and the arrival of the new was not easy. On the sporting side, however, it was extraordinary: 407 classified drivers, 34 nationalities, 26 teams!

GTfusion 2018 GT Sport World Championship online

Team Virtual drivers by TX3 won and TX3_Alonen_28 is the Champion 2018

2019 The « Boss » is back

The year 2019 will be the consolidation on GTSport. The staff is reorganized with the arrival of Wilzone as head of poster creation and the arrival first as pilot of El-Loco, then as broacaster and finally as head of broadcasts.

In terms of sports The Virtual Drivers by TX3 come back strong and the fight is raging with the TWR until the last round.

Sskila wins the title 6 years after his last victory. He becomes the first driver in the history of GTfusiOn to win the championship 3 times

Team Virtual drivers by TX3 won they 2nd Title and TX3_Sskila is the Champion 2019

2020 Covid Year

Following remarks the pilot classification changes for the first time. The coefficient will no longer be applied but a point difficulty bonus will be applied in point.

The staff is organized and professionalized with the arrival of Adam (THG_TS040), Piotr (KRT_pioSko) and Carlo (scuzinio)

TWR-SEB72 he organized the special events including the 6h du Mans 67

The confinement ensures that the simracing develops more and more… 547 drivers will have participated in the GTfusiOn! a feat! a record!

The French BFR team that comes for the first time will be champion and BFR_Devil will be champion 2020

2021 Revolution

The year will be marked by a lot of change

Following the impulse of Carlo (scuzinio) and Piotr (KRT_pioSko), the Italians and Poles come many.

In the championship 3 new subcategories are created: PRO, AM and finally the Ladies’ CUP

In sporting teams Poland confirms and finishes 2nd in the championship but France remains unbeaten on the 13 editions

The GTBE has been present for 9 years, dividing its team into two parts and creating the WSR. This will finally allow him to win the title in PRO and AM ! Constence, consistency and persistence always pay!

Only she becomes first champion of Ladies’ Cup and what will allow her to become official driver Thrustmater as part of the Rockets team.

WSR are Champion, GTBE Champion AM, Only Champion Ladies’ Cup and for 1st time an Italian driver won the title pilot :  ExP_IlConteSky

2022 – … Gran Turismo 7

2022 The story continues

For the 14th season the GTfusiOn continues.

The rules remains unchanged compared to 2021 as it is a year of transition on GT7.

The staff grew and Carlo ( scuzinio ) became vice-president and and Szabi comes in reinforcement as representative of the drivers and has created a discord server to improve the communication.

We have created a new website .


This has been one of the most difficult years of transition:
-No qualification
-unstable lobbies with lots of LAGs
-no possibility to change the starting order
-many BUGs

But we did it! Thanks to all for your collaboration

On the sporting front PRiMA will be PRO Champion , WFR AM Champion and finaly PRiMA_Doctor46 won the title pilot


GTfusiOn Be continues ………. It’s up to you to write the rest of the story!

Written by Pierre Schettura